Traveling to Lofoten & Andøya, Norway Day 7

A brief glimpse of the sun on the road to Andøya.

The Road to Andøya, Norway

Today (March 16, 2018) we flew from Bodø (say it like Buddha) to Leknes and the Lofoten Islands to begin the core of our Norway experience. We hoofed it 2.5km from the airport to Arctic Campers to pick up our camper van, our home for the next 3 days. We could have hired a taxi but… that’s simply not how we roll.

Walking to Arctic Campers from Lofoten Airport
If it’s good enough for carrying food and water it’s good enough for carrying luggage.

After stocking up on provisions in Leknes we began our drive north to Andøya in search of… Here’s some of what we found along the way. Click here if you prefer the gallery layout.

Traveling to Lofoten and Andøya, Norway Slideshow

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