The Millennial Manifesto

Father and son kissing on cheek.

I wrote this post for my Facebook feed on September 11, 2014. Year after year is continues to maintain it’s relevance. When it stops, so will I but until then it shall remain.

Speaking to my generation.

We became adults in the Kingdom of Fear. We have been assassinated with a maelstrom of political lies and divisive agendas. We have been told we will be the first generation to experience less opportunity and less prosperity than our parents. We are the Doom Generation, the generation of silent segregation, of social, political, religious, and familial disparity and will be looked back upon with sorrow and pity.

Know what I say?

Fuck that.

We are the generation that will restore America. We are the ones leading the way and saying enough is enough. We are tuning out and turning off the vitriolic spew that is pumped through cable lines. We are the generation that will say, “Hey man, life ain’t like that outside the talking box. On 9/11/01 no one cared about how you voted or who you slept with and no one was worried about Mexicans crossing the border and we sure as hell weren’t concerned about turmoil and strife between perpetually warring nations halfway around the globe.”

On 9/11/01 we were consumed by one motive. To help and support each other however we could, because on 9/11/01 we swallowed a massive dose of perspective and with the blink of an eye clarity was restored to our humanitarian vision. Our generation is leading this country out of moral bankruptcy and indentured servitude. We are going to be the ones to reestablish the American ethos and redefine what it means to prosper.

The 1%, the 0.01%, they may be stronger than ever. But our generation said, “Fly your private jets to your private island! Go count the money in your offshore bank accounts!” Because the party is back on the mainland and it’s gonna be with me and with you friends, dancing on the beach, rallying around the bon fire, eating food with our fingers, not worried about the holes in our clothes or the dirt behind our ears. We revived the shared experience and pumped it full of love and enthusiasm because we saw the Firemen, the Policemen, the Volunteers, the average citizen risk their lives, lose their lives, trying to save another. We hold those visions close, and for every corrupt cop held on public display we know there are 150 more that would have kicked his ass and done right by the badge, the same way they did on 9/11/01. Our generation is not the Doom Generation, we have been the Duped Generation.

But we will be no more. And that friends is the story, which we will be remembered.

Will Conkwright

Delray Beach, FL

September 11, 2014

William Conkwright

Will Conkwright is the owner at Circle Squared Publishing, LLC, a photographer, writer, full stack web developer, Google Street View Trusted Photographer, competitive cyclist, endurance athlete and adventure junky who loves riding motorcycles.

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