The Lost Art of Attention

The Lost Art of Attention

Dear Mr. Wordsmith,

As you are well aware, the attention span of our population is dwindling at an alarming rate. It seems just yesterday I was talking to a friend when out of nowhere…

Anyways, like I was saying, it’s getting ever more challenging to convince people of why they need to be part of something. Fortunately for us, people are not too far removed from animals, some obviously closer than others, but it’s that animal instinct we must utilize to our advantage.

The Lone Wolf is the rare exception. We’re pack creatures and we thrive on community and validation from that community. There’s nary a thing more productive or terrifying than a group of like minded peoples.

It’s up to us to create the words and order them in a way that binds the community. We may be the last of a dying breed with an attention span long enough to…

Good chatting with you Mr. Wordsmith. I do hope you can share some intriguing copy with me so we can reel in a fine catch for our upcoming event.

Until I forget I shall remain,
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