Shrimping Season in Full Swing in Oriental, NC

Finally had a chance to get out and fly the drone around the harbor. It wasn’t the early morning... Read More

today July 17, 2018 restore1 year ago

Fish House Maternity Shoot

Fish House Maternity Shoot, Oriental, NC It only took her 7 months to start showing so before she brings... Read More

today July 15, 2018 restore1 year ago

Kevin McNatt and his Penny-farthing

Kevin McNatt Read More

today July 3, 2018 restore1 year ago

Perigee Moon Oriental NC

November 5th, 2017 Images of the perigee moon, captured on November 5th, 2017 at Wiggins Point, just outside Oriental,... Read More

today November 6, 2017 restore1 year ago

Promoting Pamlico County Artists

How to Promote Artists in Pamlico County This article is in response to a question I proposed in Natural... Read More

today June 15, 2017 restore1 year ago

How To Choose the Best Image

People who know me well know that I’m a very decisive person. Belaboring decisions simply isn’t something I do.... Read More

today April 9, 2017 restore1 year ago

The 5 Best Places to Take Photographs in Oriental, NC

The Robert Scott Bridge Shooting from the Robert Scott bridge offers the photographer great subject matter morning, noon or... Read More

today February 26, 2017 restore2 years ago


I told several friends and supporters early on I will either be successful or get run out of town.... Read More

today February 14, 2017 restore2 years ago

Hollywood Comes to Oriental?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into Port City Films. I arrived to Wilmington on an... Read More

today September 2, 2016 restore2 years ago

Crabbing with the Bruno Brothers

Roll Out at 5:30 am Sunsets are just fine by me and occur at a much more reasonable time.... Read More

today August 11, 2016 restore2 years ago

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