Reykjavik Days 1 & 2

Julie waiting for our room to be available.
Sacked out and jet lagged. Julie grabs a couple winks while we wait to check in to our Airbnb room.

Days 1 & 2 in Reykjavik, Iceland

It’s the oddest thing. The sun was setting around 22:10 and it never truly turned to night time (astronomically  speaking it never got past nautical twilight) but it still gets colder when the “sun sets”. So here we are walking around town at 21:30 and it’s just as light out as it was at 15:30 but about 10 degrees colder.

64°N will mess with your head.

Why Iceland since our final destination is Norway? The Icelandic tourism board figured out that if you make flights thru their country super cheap then more people will stop over en route to their final destination. Hence the #MyStopover hashtag.

Of course once you’re here you’ll buy food, drinks, stay in a hotel, probably pick up a souvenir our two and otherwise stimulate the local economy. And rumor has it that much of the tax collected for these tourist based expenditures goes to fund generous maternity programs. Well played Iceland…

Well, it’s midnight and tomorrow we fly to Bergen, Norway and begin the more adventurous part of this journey. All in all over the course of two days we took 26,349 steps covering 12.2 miles. I didn’t get any truly amazing photos but here’s a slideshow of 27 images that will give you an idea of what Reykjavik looks like through my lens. If you’d rather view the same images in a gallery layout then go visit the gallery page here.

Until Norway,


Reykjavik, Iceland: Slideshow, Days 1 & 2

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Will Conkwright is the owner at Circle Squared Publishing, LLC, a photographer, writer, full stack web developer, Google Street View Trusted Photographer, competitive cyclist, endurance athlete and adventure junky who loves riding motorcycles.

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