Nordland County & Langøy, Norway Day 8

Stub nosed boat in the harbor at Andenes.

Day 8, Andenes to Hovden

Today, May 17th, was Norway Day and everything in Andenes was closed. Let me rephrase that, everything in Norway was closed so the Norwegians could celebrate their countries birthday. We drove around Andenes and I prowled around the port in hopes of finding a commercial fisherman but would have no such luck.

On the road again and headed back south to the west coast of the island of Langøy. There is a small village named Hovden that looks to be the perfect spot to capture two shots I desire, a time lapse of the sun setting and soon thereafter rising, and a portrait of the elusive Norwegian fisherman.

Scarecrow guarding dried fish.

Exploring Nordland County and Langøy, Norway slideshow

Take a look through the rain and you’ll find some interesting images. An Elk, purpose built fishing boats, and our new Norwegian friend, Geir Laupstad and his roadside attraction of washed ashore treasures. Per usual, if you prefer the gallery layout rather than the slideshow just click here.

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