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People who know me well know that I’m a very decisive person. Belaboring decisions simply isn’t something I do. But I was stymied when it came time to pick the banner image for the “Best Of” Oriental section. This is an important, quite possibly THE most important image on the website. How do you pick a singular image that represents the best of everything a town has to offer?

I’ve spent dozens of hours over the last 3 weeks pouring over tens of thousands of images looking for that best one for each section. But the best of section… that’s a lot of pressure to pick ONE image that captures the best of a town. Staring at my “Chance favors the prepared mind” reminder, it occurred to me that it is and always has been about the people. The people are what truly makes a place special and the #PamlicoPeople that we’re sharing over on Natural Pamlico is a timely reminder.

It was nearing 1am last night when the synapses connected and I knew which image to choose. As an artist I LIVE FOR THIS MOMENT. That split second when it all comes together and that vision that often torments the mind becomes a tangible reality.

When I approached Kathy Mozelle and her friends this day, camera in hand and asked if I could take some pictures of them not only did they oblige but they offered me lunch & a cold drink. I’ve since had the pleasure of meeting Kathy’s incredible 95 year old mother, experiencing her beautiful Christmas lights, hearing stories about her family and what it was like in Oriental back in the day. I’ve shared that experience now with several other people around town and even though I’ve never actually met some of my Facebook friends, we’ve shared treasured moments with each other. I know when we do meet it’ll be like we’ve know one another for ages!

The best of Oriental won’t be found in a restaurant or bar. It won’t be found at a hotel, in a fishing hole, on a creek or in the river. The best of Oriental is found in the people. And I think this image demonstrates that perfectly.

William Conkwright

Will Conkwright is the owner at Circle Squared Publishing, LLC, a photographer, writer, full stack web developer, Google Street View Trusted Photographer, competitive cyclist, endurance athlete and adventure junky who loves riding motorcycles.

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