About the Project

When the oncologist told my father he had 2 months to live I moved back home to Arapahoe, NC to be by his side. I had just been fired from my job as COO of a manufacturing company and had vowed to never work for someone ever again. So I incorporated a web development business in the small fishing village of Oriental, NC, taught myself to code, and setout with the mission of adding value to people's businesses.

My initial value propostion was photography, a lifelong passion of mine. With a borrowed Canon 50D and like a man possessed, I setout to learn and perfect the craft of capturing digital images. I knew little about post processing and even less about commercial fishing. What I lacked in knowledge I more than made up for with motivation and curiosity.

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Start Where You Are

Every story has a beginning. And this one starts in the small coastal fishing village of Oriental, NC. It begins out of the necessity to survive and is fueled by the desire to understand. It started because I heard laughter and shared a beer with a stranger, who by the time the can was empty, was no longer a stranger. It begins with a single image that spoke to me, that continues to speak to me, encouraging me to further examine the faces of commercial fishing.

Follow the Journey

Every story doesn't need an ending. If you'd like to follow Faces of Commercial Fishing, then I'd like to share the journey with you. Subscribers will have access to the story on this blog and receive members only updates to your inbox.

Admission is free. Inspiration is priceless.