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You’re The Problem

But I Have a Solution “…school shootings are more influenced by social media than other mass shootings, however social... Read More

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Dear Scum Sucking Digital Marketer

This is a public service announcement to all business owners. Do not be fooled by your digital marketing agencies... Read More

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Peer Acceptance

The joys of peer acceptance Dear Respected Photographer, The note that boosted my confidence as an artist was a... Read More

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The Lost Art of Attention

The Lost Art of Attention Dear Mr. Wordsmith, As you are well aware, the attention span of our population... Read More

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Making Photographs In Franklinton, NC

exploring former boom towns and how we move forward. Making Photographs in a North Carolina Boom (and bust) town... Read More

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Wells Fargo Text Message Scam

what it is and how it works What the Wells Fargo Text message scam looks like So there you... Read More

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Promoting Pamlico County Artists

How to Promote Artists in Pamlico County This article is in response to a question I proposed in Natural... Read More

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How to Get Public Data from Facebook with PHP

This article will teach you how to access public Facebook data using PHP. In this example we will be... Read More

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I told several friends and supporters early on I will either be successful or get run out of town.... Read More

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The Millennial Manifesto

I wrote this post for my Facebook feed on September 11, 2014. Year after year is continues to maintain... Read More

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Hollywood Comes to Oriental?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into Port City Films. I arrived to Wilmington on an... Read More

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Crabbing with the Bruno Brothers

Roll Out at 5:30 am Sunsets are just fine by me and occur at a much more reasonable time.... Read More

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Using the Facebook Graph API, PHP and MySQL: How to Collect and Store Public Data in 5 Steps

using PHP and the Graph API. How to use the Facebook Graph API and PHP to gather public data... Read More

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Aero Bars and Group Riding

Are aero bars really a problem when riding in a group? I have playfully teased many of you for years... Read More

today March 2, 2016 restore2 years ago

Safe Group Riding Skills: Overlapping Wheels

If you want to ride faster you need to ride with a group. Group riding pushes your limits and... Read More

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The Rotating Paceline

a lesson in advanced cycling skills. How to Ride in a Rotating Paceline “Man! This rotating pace line is... Read More

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The Dilemma of the Small Town Monopoly

In the wake of Walmart coming to town, accelerating the demise of Oriental’s only independent grocer, I remain conflicted about... Read More

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An Engineer’s Approach to Riot Prevention

If you want to change the way people respond to you, change the way you respond to people. (And... Read More

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The Surface Talkers

“I’ll tell you what I would’ve done…” Of course you would, most of us would, because most of us know... Read More

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One of those Days

April 17th. Today is one of those days. Today has always been one of those days. Today will always... Read More

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Classically Designed. Romantically Inspired.

The romantic mode is primarily inspirational, imaginative, creative, intuitive. Feelings rather than facts predominate. “Art” when it is opposed... Read More

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Welcome to the Age of Information

I haven’t ridden my bicycle much this year. I have plenty of reasons and none of them are very... Read More

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Chuck Fondeaux: November 30, 2013 the annual birthday ride of Chuck “Chucktastic” Forrest Tom Petty, one of rock and... Read More

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