Bergen, Norway Day 4

Sunset on Bryggen, in the harbor, Bergen, Norway.
Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Bergen harbor.


Day 4 in Bergen, Norway

Today we were up at the crack of 13:00… No official nighttime is taking its toll.

But at least we don’t have to worry about getting caught in the dark, of course as we found out the hard way, if we wait until the sun sets before getting dinner… well, there is no dinner to be had. Thankfully the 24/7 convenient stores serve Arugula salads and fresh made sandwiches. Not bad for 240,00 kroner ( $30 USD ).

Bergen, Norway Slideshow Day 4

Here’s a look at what we saw over the course of 8.6 miles, 17,362 steps, and 100 floors. Met a nice guy in the cafe who just so happened to have gone to school in South Carolina too. The plan is to explore the city more on day 5 and then head into the backcountry on day 6 before going to… who knows where on day 7.

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