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I Am.

Founder    Developer
Photographer    Adventurer    Entrepreneur
Optimist    Cyclist    Libertarian


Start where you are.

1981 | Winchester, KY


Use what you have.

2008 | Salt Lake City, UT


Do what you can.

2018 | Arapahoe, NC

Keep It Simple.

Two simple principles guide my personal and professional life. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and if you can't measure it, then you can't manage it. I'm half analyst and half artist. Founding Circle Squared Publishing has allowed me to nurture and grow both sides of my personality. All the while creating something beautiful each day.
Raised Image
Raised Image

Never Stop Giving.

I believe empowering people with confidence is the greatest gift you can give. This philosophy is a cornerstone in my approach to personal and professional relationships. Creating dependency is wrong. I work to free those who are dependent on anything.

Carl Moore was a commercial fishing captain who lost his life to lung disease in 2018.
Wesley Van Hook was a commercial fisherman who was killed on the job in 2018.
Mother and Daughter at a wedding.

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